Hi, my name is Nick. My blog doesn't try to aim to be funny/serious/about any topic in particular. It's mostly dedicated to things I feel are worth sharing or art that I enjoy. I'm a pretty big fan of electronic music, comic books, anime/manga, and abstract art so you'll probably see a lot of that shit on here.

Most of the time I will always follow new followers for awhile and see what they have to offer.

A lot of my time online is spent looking up music. I collect vinyl/CD's so I love finding new stuff to listen to, so if you have anything you are digging at the moment, feel free to send me a link!
  1. Drum and Based proudly present our first podcast! Featuring Cata and BaseTheory in a 100% vinyl mix.Hope you enjoy!

    Hada lotof funmixing this!

  1. 10 notesTimestamp: Monday 2012/07/09 21:26:00Source: SoundCloud / //cataCataBaseTheorydrum and bassdnb
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